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    y wont pdf viewer work with email attachments. Didnt understand other thread at all what to do in plain ingleesh pls. Also looking for goog wp software ne recommendations? Is it safe to purchase apps from app shop? Alsi how to get front camera to work as so good looking like to take a picture and watch myself taking it ta
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    first of all, buying on the app catalog is safe, don't worry.

    A good word processing app to put on the Pre3 would be Picsel Smart Office ( basically you get full read and write support for word excel etc, it connects with google docs and dropbox, plus a good pdf document viewer).

    As for the front camera, the only one I know that would allow to take pics is Photo Me
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    you can take pics of yourself using the back camera and mirror on the back of the phone when keyboard is extended (also letting you use spacebar as camera button)

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