Hey everyone!

I searched the forums, and didn't find this issue, so I thought I'd post it here.

I added a couple of contacts to the launcher on my brand new Pre 3. I noticed that the pictures/avatars then didn't show up, so I deleted them-- by holding that 'orange' button and then deleting the contact.

Once the picture issue was resolved, I went to add those contacts back to the launcher from the Contacts app. However, I do not get an option to add the contact to the launcher, just to delete it. So I tried to delete the already deleted contact again from within the Contacts app, but I was then given a notification that it could not delete the contact.

So I now cannot add these to the launcher, because my Pre 3 thinks they are still on the launcher page, even though they aren't, and even though it cannot delete them.

Anyone else have a similar issue? Any solutions other than deleting those contacts (they are each several profiles linked together)?