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    The app that was made long ago for the pre plus doesnt install on my pre 3 . I seen someone said they were using it but they must be special.

    With or without wifi on it is not reliable that I am recieving email that is forwarded to my phone. A reboot is required and then they come into the phone. VERY problematic if your running a business.
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    Just get Reboot Scheduler from Preware.
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    Or use mode switcher to have the phone reboot via systools, using a time of day trigger (or whatever you like), i have mine atm rebooting at 5:30 am, and my other trigger brings my pre3 out of a govnah powersave profile at 5:45am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billyboy View Post
    Just get Reboot Scheduler from Preware.
    That works on the pre plus. It gives error when i tried to load it in my phone, doesnt work for pre 3 and is not listed for or updated for pre 3 either.
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    Use Preset Reset. Works fine on my Pre 3.

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