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    I just found that even remove the exchange email account, somehow the settings are still stored somewhere (in the profile?). Is there any way to remove the settings completely without doctoring the phone?

    Here is what happened to my phone. Our company out source email service to Intermedia recently (the exchange server/settings...are different to the old one, but email is still the same). But after I remove the email account, and add the new account with the new settings, the Pre3 will some how pull the old settings from somewhere and use it. And it ends up displaying 'server certificate is not trusted' error.

    At very beginning I think it's the Intermedia server certificate issue. But after I found that this exchange setting is still showing me the old exhcange server settings, I suspect that it might not Intermedia server certificate issue. So I use my wife's Pre3 to add my new company exchange settings (Intermedia settings). It did work and syn to the new Intermedia server successfully. I am pretty sure now that somehow the old settings are cached and stored somewhere. So when the same email account is used (though the exchange server settings are different now), the old settings will be retrieved and used.

    I wonder if there is any way to resolve this issue without doctoring my Pre3.

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    did you remove it from the "accounts" app? That will remove it from mail, contacts, and calendar databases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    did you remove it from the "accounts" app? That will remove it from mail, contacts, and calendar databases.
    oh, I remove it from email preference/account. I should try remove it from the account app. I will try it out. Thanks a lot.
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    Also... restart your device after removing the account settings. This will clear everything and make sure you are starting fresh (I had this happen with my exchange settings and the restart help 'flush' the settings after I deleted them).
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    attempts to remove from mail, calendar, accounts and Impostah all are unsuccessful. Any suggestions other than a hard restart?
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    I would try putting it in airplane mode so it can't try to sync, and wait a while and try to remove it. Wouldn't hurt to restart while in airplane mode. It should be possible to remove with Impostah on webOS 2.x or 3.x but I'm not sure how many different kinds you would have to delete. Best to avoid that if you can.
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    ended up having to reset my device. used the opportunity to increase the size of my apps partition (again).

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