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    Well I just tried the trial version and it worked perfectly with the DIVX .AVI file and the .3GP I tested. Playback quality seemed great and the interface was excellent!

    Are there further options in the full version, such as audio offset and saturation/colour/gamma adjustment? Just thinking back to the settings I used to play with on TCPMP for PalmOS.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    This is incredible! Finally there is an app to play ogg and flac files on Pre3!

    And extra thanks for the possibility to activate it using paypal.
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    just replay it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubuntite View Post

    Will this run on a Pre 2 with Enyo? If not, do you plan on updating your other Pre app?

    I don't know if this got answered elsewhere but I just verified that 3.5 for the pre 3 works on my VZW pre 2 w/2.2.4. Looks good!
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