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    I took my Sprint Galaxy S II to my local Sprint with a minor problem and they are replacing it. I will be receiving a replacement Monday 3/19. I will assume I will have to use the old battery and charger but the phone will be knew or refurbished. The phone is silky smooth but the interface is not nearly as smooth as WebOS. I want a U.S. Pre 3 I will make an even trade for a Verizon or AT&T new in the box. Used I will take two in excellent condition only. Maybe 1 Used Pre 3 and 2 Pre 2s. I'm open to offers I guess. No Sprint equipment.

    You don't have to read this unless you want to here me complain about Sprints stupidity.
    I am leaving Sprint. They have ****ed me off for the last time. I want to port one of my three numbers to a land line for business reasons and have Sprint replace that number with a new number so I will still have three lines. Was not trying to cancel the line I just want one of my numbers to go to a land line. Sprint sees this as breaking a contract. I have spoke to three levels of customer service and they either have no power to make exceptions or they are incredibly stupid. I vote for the latter. I pay $200 per month for three lines and have been a customer for over 10 years if you count Nextel and they do. I told them if they wore going to charge me $350 to port my number out I was taking my business else where on principle. Since they would rather have $450 in termination fees than $2200 per year I am taking all three of my lines elsewhere. I am probably going to play with some pre paid plans in the area.
    I don't understand do they really think $450 in termination fees are going to stop me from leaving. I am paying 450 in etf and I will have to buy several new phones but the galaxy s II sells used for like $450 anyway. I figure all told after trading or selling my phone I will be out $1000. I am OK with that. Not happy about it but I will get it back in the first year if I like the Strait Talk plan or something similar to it. I figure I will choose one of the $35 plans so my bill will be less than half so I will get my money back in the first year. So as a long term thing I am way ahead. I win Sprint loses. Losers. Oh and that does not include me going around the internet complaining about their stupidity. Guess that doesn't help I am sure Sprint is no worse than the other 3. Has got to be the most hated industry on the planet.
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    OK I just bought ATT Pre 3 off of EBay. I hope I can make it work with Go Phone plan if not I'll be a the newest ATT customer. Also hope this phone holds up better than my dozen Sprint Pre - phones.

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