I managed to score a new Verizon Pre3 just after Christmas. Everything was wonderful until a couple weeks ago. I awoke in the morning to find that the Amigo player (purchased though app cat) had failed its update, but worse the power button no longer worked. using the slider would turn it on but i couln't turn it off other than waiting for the 30 second off time. I contacted the Amigo developer and he assured me that his app didn't affect the screen in any way and it later upgraded properly. I found an app to turn the screen off so I decided to live with it. At first and only occasionally the "Airplane Mode - Power down" scene would appear and sometimes flash repeatedly. Once I had to remove battery in order to make it stop. HP Usa Chat wouldn't help and suggested UK chat. They recommended WEBOS Doctor. It didn't help. Now in the last couple of days, the screen (whatever scene you are on) cycles on and off continuously. During the HP logo phase of boot up its fine but once the "desktop" scene appears it starts cycling. I can (when I'm fast enough) actually navigate apps. I started angry birds to see if that would change anything. It continues to cycle and the sound also cuts out along with the screen.
I have:
1) removed battery several times
2) run WEBOS doctor from the HP site for 2.2.4. the phone was shipped to me with 2.2.4.
3) and 1.4.5 (used the serial number from my pre+.) didn't get far. But possibly the power button may be working. Its hard to tell, but If I hold it down then stops flashing.
4) Scanned the forums for similar problems and solutions. Found one person with the power button problem but no response (other than get another phone).
5) noticed that before this all happened there was a piece of red "fuzz" in the earphone jack which I removed. I use bluetooth headset so I don't use the jack. the fuzz was in the shape of the jack. I only mention this because I saw posts concerning the jack being dirty causing screen problems on pre- and pre+ phones.
6) Shut the phone down for a week and switched back to my pre+.
7) A day or two before the screen started cycling used freetether, (hotspot went missing after the first doctoring) for a couple hours while being plugged in. Noticed that it got very hot.
8) When plugging back in battery was completely dead even though the phone had been powered off for a week.. Now while I've been writing this post the phone has charged enough to hit the "sign in to my account" scene (since I'm back on the pre+) and the screen isn't flashing so who knows. I'll let it charge up.
Does anyone know how to get around the sign in screen so I can use it as a pda for a while?

At any rate any help will be greatly appreciated.