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    i search
    offline weather & RSS reader to sync with google reader..

    want to take weather & RSS reader and then see when i am online ( all day..)
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    I take it this due to the current economic climate in your neck of the woods - you have my sympathy as I await my turn.

    Have you tried NewsRoom? It does offline reading but no weather. Maybe you can manually add some RSS Weather or Weather Channel feeds for your cities of interest? They got maps and videos, not sure how they look though.
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    some freeware please..
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    Just support the developers because they're one of the few things holding webOS together right now
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    can't buy in my country..

    don't have visa etc..
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    Papermache is freeware and does a great job for offline reading. But it's not really RSS and weather.. it's what you feed to your instapaper account...

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