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    Does anyone know if it is possible to use the maps app and prevent the screen from locking or sleeping. Basically I want to use this app in the same way that I would nDrive but unfortunately when I am using the app, the phone will still go into an idle state. To get around this I remove my screen lock security and change the screen timeout to 3mins but I have to keep touching the screen every 2 and a half minutes which isn't great while driving.

    Is there anyway to make this change or is this not possible due to the nature of the app?


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    Try nodoze (sp) from Preware. May not be the right name. Not sure if it is 2.x compatible. The maps app could be patched to keep the screen on.
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    Ohhh maps as an exhibition app would be cool
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    I'm with you on this Dreadvenom...when my GPS is allowed to work by the Big Red Gremlins that be (verizon Pre+ here...need I say more?) I would like to depend on Maps as my navigation friend. Avoiding the timeout would be nice...I mean, I'm plugged in, so it would be nice if there was an option to keep the screen alive when on the touchstone or plugged in. Wait...I just looked an I have an option for 5 minutes AND 'Never'. I wonder if I have this because I have advanced configuration for System Preferences patch by Sconix...yeah, that is what does it!

    if you want to install this patch, be careful to check and see if you have other system patches installed. There is a notice at the beginning of the description warning you of conflicts. Great patch though! I keep finding out new things it does for me that I did not realize before...thanks Sconix!
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    Thanks Grabber5.0 & Rockbeast, I will have a scan through Preware to see if I can find a solution as Maps for me at the moment is more reliable than NDrive and Navit.

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    If you're plugged in while using maps, this patch will work: No Auto-Off While Charging.

    Then again... Nodoze will work regardless of charging state.
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