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    our Pre3 seems to be dead..
    After copying files from pc to the device the usb connection broke down and we had to reboot the pre.

    But now it freezes at the HP-bootscreen.
    Take out the bat. doesn't work.

    So it was time to start the doctor.
    But as I wrote in the title, the doctor stucks at 12%.
    I searched here and found a fix (maybe it works?):

    I have to use novaterm.. But what about users without Linux? (Novaterm is a linux prog, i think?)
    Is there a solution for us?

    Please help me, we don't to bury the phone.. Our beloved Pre3!

    Thanks a lot

    Best regards

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    I've gotten stuck doctoring a few times and all I did was restart the doctor. Sometimes it took up to two or three tries but eventually completes. Could be a faulty USB port or a faulty wire.
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    Novaterm can be used on a Windows machine. It's a terminal program used to access Linux.

    Accessing Linux Using Novaterm - WebOS Internals
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