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    I just got my ATT Pre3 and activated using an H20 SIM card. Seems to be working great, after some difficulties getting the Internet settings correct. Is there anything I need to know about buying and using a SIM card in Europe (France, Spain)?? Thanks, Peter
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    As far as I know there is nothing special you need to do. If you're not going to get a local SIM I'd turn off data roaming to avoid huge charges. Other than that there is nothing else i can think of.
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    Well, rats, it's asking me for an unlock code. Anybody know how to get that?? I didn't need it to make H20 work.

    (Yes, I will Google too, but I thought someone might have the best advice here!)

    Thanks, Pete
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    Ok, the good news is that although AT&T was not able to help me -- they have not received the unlock code from HP yet, if ever -- I was able to achieve using PalmUnlocker: Palm and HP Unlock Codes . It cost $49, but it totally worked.

    The bad news is that I can't figure out how to activate Virgin Mobile in France. Apparently you have to mail in a photo ID scan or some such crap. So I need to find a different service.

    Apparently I should have started with Roam Simple | 2012 London Olympic Games, Best International Cell Phone, Global SIM Card, Europe SIM Card, BlackBerry SIM Card but it's too late for this trip, I think.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
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    Well, people may be able to help if knowing the countries you'll travel into..

    In Italy is likely similar to France, by example. They'll usually take a photocopy of your ID when you buy a new simcard... but it's just a copy of the document ( this way if the sim is misused , they know who to yell to :P )

    I dunno how much you plan to call etc, but Vodafone has a decent free add on, Passport, that allows to receive and make calls while elsewhere with a very small extra
    ( 1 euro, to receive a phone call while abroad, for every 30 minutes. 1 euro extra to make an outside call, rest of the call at the same rates as if being not abroad. )
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    I know in England you just have to buy a sim card (inexpensive) and then top it up with how much you want i.e. 10 15 etc. I'm sure its the same through out the EU.

    ask a local. They will know the best.

    hope it helps.
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    Pretty sure vodafone UK have a europe wide travel sim thats a pretty good deal, but I have never been able to track down all the details.
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