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    Got my GSM Pre 3 this morning. Love it. However, I'm struggling to set up the MMS settings correctly.

    I used the iPhone APN settings for my data. I can get GPRS, Edge and (I presume) 3G just fine.

    When I tried to use the iPhone MMS settings they wont work. The phone tells me they are invalid.

    A call to O2 Customer Service was a total waste of time. The CSR insisted that I was using a Palm Pixi (!) and told me he can't provide me with the correct settings. Which I find really weird.

    Does anyone here have a Pre 3 on O2-UK? Have you got MMS working? Can you help?
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    Can a mod delete this thread please? I'm going to open it up here: as suggested by OldSkoolVWLover.
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    I believe I have your info:
    PAYG: (these all work on mine on PAYG, inc. MMS)
    user= payandgo
    password= password

    user= payandgo
    password= password
    max size= 300

    user= mobileweb

    alternatively (still contract):
    user= o2wap

    everything else is the same as PAYG info.

    Ignore 'incorrect settings' warning.

    ALSO: look at your current internet settings (assuming they work). Use the same APN, user, password, and then enter the MMSC and proxy above in the MMS bit.
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    Never mind, just seen that you solved it in the other thread.

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