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    Well I'm officially on the if hp released the pre 3 it'd be a top phone right now bandwagon. It's some of the nicest hardware I've my life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matchqq View Post
    There is a case that his pre 3 camera is broken, which maybe link to muffle system loggings patch, and can't fix by webOS doctor or anything. So It could be irreversible. The case's thread here.

    It's no STDs but could be harder to reverse than STDs you know, if it's the comparison you like.
    That thread is not conclusive (if we're referring to the same one; your link is incorrect). Post #17 even leans toward the negative as his/her Pre3 was stock and never patched. Either way, it sheds new light on things and suggests that something else, or that at least two different, unrelated causes are at play.

    Most of us have been fortunate in dodging this thing but its perfectly ok (after all, its their hard-earned $$, right?) if others choose to hold off on the muffle patch until the issue is completely sorted out. In one case, the removal of the patch actually fixed things so there may be a connection. Mine has been working for months, before and after doctoring, so I'll keep the patch.
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