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    My current set up in my car for playing music is Pre3 -> audio cable -> aux input but the aux input on the car stereo is finally dying (right channel doesn't work) after years of plugging in/unplugging. So, I'm looking to get a new stereo and I was hoping I could just use bluetooth for audio instead so I don't have to deal with a cable and hands free calling out be nice.

    Does the Pre3 support audio over bluetooth? Is there any way to display texts on the stereo ala Touchpad SMS sharing? For reference, I'm looking at this receiver.
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    Pre 3 (well all webOS phones) are great at handling audio over BT.

    I have run nav and music at the same time no problem, pots down the music when the Nav gives directions, pauses everything for incoming phone call.

    I have yet to see a webOS device displaying SMS, but doesn't mean it's not possible, I haven't really been looking.
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    My experience is the same as VWLover, the bluetooth stereo audio works great! I have never seen a text-to-display bluetooth implementation though, so I'm not sure how that would work.

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