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    Maybe I am jumping the gun here. When, How can we upload Isis, qtwebkit to the Pre 3?
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    Well I tried it on my veer. I managed to get it to run by downloading the source ( and running;

    "palm-run isis-browser" (or whatever directory git dumped into) from the SDK.

    I also had to create a simlink:

    "ln -s /usr/palm/frameworks/enyo/1.0 /usr/palm/frameworks/enyo/0.10" on the phone

    This is as far as I got though. It looks like it opens and I can see my bookmarks and history but that is about it. When I try to open a link from history, all I get is this white box off centered.

    On a related note, does anybody have an ipk for the browser that got deleted when I installed isis? That would help me out. Thanks.
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    If you look at Isis Project , there's 7 different components. To get the full QtWebkit experience you'd probably need to be able to compile and install all of those, not just the browser ui ipkg.
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    Doug77, you'd probably find that ipk for the browser within webOS Doctor. I'm not sure how to extract it, (I'm pretty sure that's been discussed at some point),but you can either figure that out, or just run the doctor and that should get it sorted out for you.
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    Also, Isis is built around a system of components that webOS 2 is not designed to use, so even once you have the entire binary set, the system doesn't have the ability to operate it as the web core.
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    Given that, will there be a 3.x upgrade to Pre 3 WebOS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pepebuho View Post
    Given that, will there be a 3.x upgrade to Pre 3 WebOS?
    WebOS 3.X is a tablet version of the OS so NO, there will most likely be no update for phones.
    For Open WebOS, it's another question and I think there is at least a chance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pepebuho View Post
    Maybe I am jumping the gun here. When, How can we upload Isis, qtwebkit to the Pre 3?
    I don't think 'we' can.

    "..Isis Project Launch Announcement

    Posted on 14 Feb 2012

    Today we are happy to announce the open source release of Isis Browser. Isis Browser is a core application of HP’s webOS platform written using the Enyo framework. As of today, it is a work in progress aiming to incorporate the latest open source technologies, such as QtWebKit and JavaScriptCore, into the webOS platform.

    The source code of the Isis Browser stack, QtWebKit, and Qt 4.8 is available on GitHub where we will continue our development. Isis Browser is compatible with HP TouchPad devices running webOS 3.0.5.."

    Sponsored by HP.

    Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.


    Chassis, Engine, Transmission & Paint-job?? :::


    (Is there a poor "someone" mechanic enough to do the rebuild and then apply the paint to the Touchpad 3.0.5??
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    webos internals is taking this project on for the touchpad 3.05, with an estimated timetable of a few weeks (see front page)
    Sounds pretty impressive to me, made a thread (see below) to get some cheering going from the sidelines:

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