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    I won't use it, but in my opinion it's all about choice.
    There's no reason for blocking someone who wants to put effort in a port.
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    definitely +1

    webos in its current state can't compete with android's apps and games.
    bringing android to pre3 will not bring the demise of webos
    so why not having a dual boot, it is not like it is cheating on wife
    if you don't want it don't install it, but refusing having more options is just silly IMHO
    i wish all OS would boot on my pre3, why not!
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    I use webOS mostly on both devices. I feel some sense of security the hardware will not become doorstopware having the excellent cyanogen mod on my touchpad and would love to have it on the pre3 as well to prevent devolution to paperweightware. I don't foresee discontinuing use of webOS on either device unless HP squeezes me out...I hope not!
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekpeter View Post
    dont see why a webOS hardware limited qty phone would need android when theres a bungload of android phones out there anyways, the touchpad getting cm7/9 might have been noteworthy but definatly not another phone.
    Because there is no hardware keyboard similar to the Pre3 out there in the wild....

    Achim from Giessen, Germany
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    Honestly I would prefer the Android apps running in webOS. Going back to webOS with all the apps would IMO be hands down the biggest win win.
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    Gotta have some backups
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    I do agree +1
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    I would pay for a cyanogen mod or other android 4.x utility for my pre3...
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    WebOS is great how it is that's why I moved back from Android

    We have fewer apps but they are all quality apps; unlike Android.
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    I would use it if location services works in Southern Hemisphere, webos maps and locations services has major bug of longitude of +400 degrees in Southern Hemisphere. Which is funny because longitude can only be +90 to -90 degrees.

    I love webos on my pre3, it a delight to use, only other problem is the dated browse, and small fonts.
    I like android because each update makes it better and they keep slowly adding in more webos ui elements.
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