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    I am having a problem with my messaging app on my Pre 3.

    Whenever I go to open a messaging notification or even if I go to compose a new message, the app opens a new card. I do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT have the patch installed that makes this behavior happen and this behavior is not enabled in the Tweaks app.

    Has anybody had this problem? It's very annoying.


    I am on 2.2.4. Many patches installed, none of them though are for opening a new card per conversation.
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    Figured out my problem, I think. I uninstalled the Advanced System Behavior patch, which provides tweaks to the Tweaks app. Some of the tweaks that it provides have to do with messaging. For some reason, the Tweaks app I think was forcing the messaging tweaks to be enabled. I tried countless time enabling them then disabling them to no success. Once I uninstalled the Advanced System Behavior patch and restarted Luna, the bug was gone!
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    whats the tweaks' name?
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    does this messaging tweak work with 2.2.4??
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    Yes it works for 2.2.4. Advanced system behavior in the preware feeds under advanced. It is a good patch but it also slows down the messaging app a little when starting a new message with new contact. But I think its worth it.

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