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    So I left my Pre 3 on charge last night (sans SIM card as I was using my Nokia yesterday), just came in and unplugged it and a warning message came up saying "the app database is full, your phone will now reset and you will have to log in to restore your settings from your Palm Profile" (or something like that)...with the options of restart later or restart now.

    It has actually gone and wiped itself. Like, everything. I am actually quite angry, why has my stupid Pre 3 decided to do this? webOS makes itself really hard to love sometimes...

    Anyone else ever experienced this? My 8Gb were pretty full, maybe it was that. It's a pretty lame design though and to top it, I live in a really rubbish 3G area so am going to find it extra hard to start restoring because the ***** HP engineers couldn't build in a wifi option on initial log-in. Back to WOSQI for Preware...
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    My Pre3 has done this twice, about three weeks apart. No explanation and apparently it's not widespread. I never experienced this until 2.2.4.

    You're right that webOS makes itself really hard to love sometimes. >.<
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    It's weird and a pretty major flaw. I'm just holding on for Open webOS 1.0, then the fun will really start! Stuff like this should hopefully then get ironed out pretty quickly

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