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    Hey guys! Just for some background info: I own a unlocked UK pre3, running on Bell in Canada, and i also have a Touchpad. Both are running on the same profile and are connected via bluetooth whenever near eachother.

    Today i came home and connected my pre3 and touchpad together via bluetooth. I later had them sitting next to each other when my touchpad's ringtone for a text message goes off but my pre3's doesnt. I checked them and sure enough i had a text message arrive on my touchpad and not my pre3. Restarted my pre3 and the message came up. This kept on happening, but i eventually saw that my pre3 would just receive the message extremely late.

    I became quickly annoyed and decided to do a full erase and doctor my pre3. After doing so and testing it for over an hour now i can say that it is still happening.

    Does anyone have ANY ideas? Any and all help is welcome and appreciated

    EDIT: It had become virtually unusable, but I've purchased a new AT&T pre3. Hopefully it will not have the same problems as this one

    edit for more info: The UK pre3 dropped from 100-0% in a matter of 3 hours. That was the morning of which i ordered the second (AT&T) pre3. Once the phone had shut off i realized that it was very warm, not only the battery but the phone itself.
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    Bump and an update. Received the unlocked at&t pre3 this morning, just got to using it now. The phone itself seems to be working fine, unfortunately it looks like i am still having the same issues with the texts...

    The messages are being displayed at a later time than when they have actually been received. This is now frustrating me :/

    I am now begging for someone to come forward with some help as i now have two pre3s sitting around both with the same issue. Anything at all would be extremely appreciated

    side note: it is not a network issue, i was using an unlocked bold 9700 while waiting for my pre3 to arrive and it was working fine.

    Thank you in advance

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