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    Any way to stop auto check for App Updates?
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    Want Just to Stop the Check for available Updates for the Applications.
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    That setting may be specific to each app. Check the app preferences or contact the dev to add the option.

    It can be annoying at times and should really only go through the catalog.
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    Sorry for my english.

    I mean the check for updates in the app catalog.
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    Not sure about how to do that, or what the benefit of doing so would be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by texasflood View Post
    Not sure about how to do that, or what the benefit of doing so would be.
    just one less annoyance
    and webOS lags a bit right before it comes up
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    Here data is very expensive from GPRS, so I want to check only when I connect to WiFi to see and update applications.
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    Isn't it only checking after a reboot? The check itself should not be much data.
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    I think every I connect to net..
    Perhaps one time per day..
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    Use legal apps and update... then you'll have much less available app updates notifications
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    Perhaps the same method described to prevent system updates could be used to prevent the software manager and/or app catalog from running although I'm not sure how exactly off the top of my head.

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