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    Ok, I just gave it another shot. This time I got the following error:

    Database Failure: RangeError = Maximum call stack size exceeded
    Canceling futures:
    Exported 1600/8999
    Exported 1500/8999
    Exported 1400/8999
    Same export settings as before. (In case you're wondering, I deleted one SMS message - funny that I had exactly 9000).

    Thanks again for working on this! I'll be so happy to have all of these messages at my fingertips.
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    Do you have messages with a lot of recipients?
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    I'm not sure. I never used that feature to send out mass SMS. Maybe I was the recipient of a mass SMS?

    How could I check for that?

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    Another interesting thing is that when I tried the export on the prior version it was able to export up into message number 5400 or so.

    It seems to me that its now choking on something that it previously was able to export, no?
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    Try the newest version, please...

    Some of your 9000 messages are different from normal messages...

    It seems to me that its now choking on something that it previously was able to export, no?
    That probably is, because I added support for messages with multiple recipients... before only the first recipient would have been noticed and added to the export... now I add a message for every recipient.
    Of course that is only for messages with multiple recipients that you did send, because SMS does not know if a message you received was directed at multiple people or only you..

    That seems to cause some trouble with one of your messages. I don't really know why. I tried to repair it... if it still causes trouble now, it will probably hang indefinitely... if that happens, please report back and I'll create a version with more logging for you and we'll try to find out what goes wrong.

    But I have high hopes for the current version.
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    Thank you so much, Garfonso!

    I was able to export all 8999 texts to the XML format. The Android app restored all but 134 of them (it didn't say what was wrong, but its not important).

    The contacts and message threading were all reconstructed on the Android phone and now I have all of my texts since I upgraded to webOS 2.x in 2011. Excellent!

    It sounds cheesy but the webOS community really is a talented and friendly group of people. Thanks again.
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    Hello Garfonso,

    Thank you for your outstanding app.
    I was able to move my messages to Android.
    Is it possible you were working on exporting memos/notes and the call log.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Both of those have already been done. Notes has a patch and app like the messages, but for call history there is a menu item in the phone app to export call history.
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    My Pre3 is on its last legs and I, too, am making the switch to Android. I have successfully exported my call log and SMS files. What Android app or utility will import these files to my new Android phone? Thanks.

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