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    Hi all,
    I'm using the embedded Skype functionality on Pre 3, but I'm unable to decide when/where having it enabled or disabled. It's always on, unless I turn it on Airplane mode.
    I assume there should be a basic functionality to change the status, but can't find it.

    And any chance to get an "advanced" panel, where decide more rules, like "enable skype calls if under wifi" or "available only for chat"? I don't want to be called anytime, especially if consuming data traffic over 3G network (here in Italy we don't have unlimited plans).

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    I think you can control the status of the whole skype account from the messaging app. But I did not find a way to be online only for chat... I think that's not possible... does something like that exist for the skype pc application?
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    Messaging app -> Buddys -> Click on the dot on top of the buddy list -> select Online, Offline etc.

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