Thanks for all the replies to my first posting. To be clear: When the news about WebOS 1 (4) hit my computer screen, I couldn't oversee the real impact of all this and figured it was another attempt by HP to mislead its customers. True, when HP started crawling back on webOS (led by Mr. Leo and friends), I felt mistreated.. When Meg took over things cleared up and she made a promising change of course, but it's still vague where this will go for present Pre3 and TP owners. When I bought a Pre3, I knew it would be my own risk, but I really liked this phone and hoped things would work out eventually for webOS 2.2.4 and 3.0.5.
Having read more now I think I can be a bit more optimistic, since webOS 1 will be open source and thus enabling more choices and interventions at user level, like using the cloud or local storage for synchronzing. Alsó the very active webOS community and home brewers probably won't let me (and other newbies) down..
Thanks and keep it going please..