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    I had a Pre- used my hearts out in India..
    Till its touch towards the bottom started to fail (touch would not work for 30 % of the bottom screen)

    I have resisted purchase of an Android since then.. in the hope of purchasing a Pre 3.

    Then came Leo.

    Its been almost a year since I have been active here, so have missed all the updates.

    Now I have a chance of purchasing a Pre 3.

    Wondering if it would be wise to get one considering there are only a few out there and not sure about the support for webOS (not expecting from HP).. I am wondering about the development over here in terms of tweaks, Frankenstein kernels...

    Have been excited with the new of Open webOS though..
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    I upgraded my Pre+ to Pre3 in November I haven't looked back.
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    If you can find one, go for it!

    Tweaks are not a problem as they are usually made available for all devices. Its a bit easier having most devices at v2.2.4. Kernels are also available - not that you'll need them at the 1.4GHz default. They are cool to play with though.

    Open webOS is another story entirely, but I dont see why it wont be made available for the current capable Palm devices first. Afterall, there are no other hardware coming by Sept, and it will be downright shameful if Touchpads and Pres cant run it but third party hardware can.
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    Go for it!!
    It's not like HP was giving much support for the original Pre anyway. You'll always have support from webOS Internals and other patchmakers (sounds like a clothing reference lol).

    It is said that HP will be releasing Open webOS 1.0 to all the existing devices so I would assume Pre3 would be included since it was officially released in Europe before Leo pulled the plug.
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    By far the Pre 3 is the best phone I have ever owned, go for it, you won't be sorry.
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    I love my Pre3. I had a PrePlus with ATT & it was ok but love my Pre3. Wish we had all the apps that others have but love my real keyboard. I have a Touchpad as well and would rather type on the small "real" keyboard on my Pre3 better than the large virtual keyboard on the Touchpad.
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    I loved the form factor design of my Pre

    @ekegley Loved the keyboard and I find the fell at odd with the virtual keyboard

    Only wish from my Pre was a a better proc/ram and a slightly larger screen.. all of which is fulfilled in Pre 3.

    My only concern in buying a Pre was/is is the Apps..
    Never helps purchasing a discontinued product.

    Wondering how the call quality in general is.. (Pre- had a little less than normal quality)
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    I sold my iphone 4s and replaced it with a Pre3. Haven't regretted it once, and call quality is great. If you love webOS, this is the phone to have.

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    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...
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    @gihmley I simpley Love webOS.. nothing comes close to the Gesture+Cards Experiance.

    Never had to wonder about the Apps/tweaks earlier .. but does all the tweaks, Apps work y default on Pre 3 ?

    I was reading from

    With the Pre3 we have the bigger screen, but mostly in resolution and not so much in size. Simply expanding old Mojo apps at their 186ppi sizing would have resulted in excessively small user interface elements (image all of the buttons on your Pre being 2/3 the size they are now). So HP whipped up some magical 1.5x UI elements that would allow apps to stay finger-friendly on the higher resolution screen..............
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    My Pre2 just bit the concrete last night. I'd love to upgrade to a Pre3 -- just hard to justify the $300+ going price on ebay right now. I'm going back and forth....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapenn View Post
    My Pre2 just bit the concrete last night. I'd love to upgrade to a Pre3 -- just hard to justify the $300+ going price on ebay right now. I'm going back and forth....
    Do it! Do it! Do it!

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    @zueshunt - I did have a little trepidation at buying an "unsupported" product, even though I have received two updates to webOS since I bought the phone , but I still love it more than my wife's iPhone. She has all the apps. I have the better phone.
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    ekegley... Are you me? I felt, and feel, the same way. My Pre 3 is better than my wife's iPhone!
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    The Pre3 is not for me. I like having at least manufacturer's warranty for 1 year, and not spending $300+ for a phone... Though i'm sure it is the best webOS hardware in existence right now.

    I would go for a new Pre2 and use that until Open webOS 1 is out and then see if that'll port to good hardware. 8 months will go quick!
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    I'm ridiculously picky with phones, and I plan on keeping my Pre3 for a long, long time. I say go for it
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    I Want One! (damnit.) not having PayPal really hampers my ability to Get one in Feb. When I get my school loan disbursement.
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    Pre 2 for more then half the price, much safer investment
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    I haven't found any tweaks lacking yet, Zueshunt. The Preware group has done an excellent job in a short time giving the Pre3 an impressive amount of support.
    -= Gihmley =-

    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...
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    I believe you would love it. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago and would never consider anything else.

    In all fairness I found a Verizon Pre3 for $100 and could care less about warranty. I have a Pre2 for backup.
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    As someone who swore by BlackBerry for years (and still does to some extent), has tried various Android phones and the iPhone 3GS/4/4S the Pre3 is the best phone by far I've ever owned. My only complaint is battery life and my only wish is for more apps (I say that having 130 apps currently installed on my Pre3) but App selection don't make a great phone or operating system.
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