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    when initiating a call, the pre3 will sometimes reboot without cause. i have both a uk pre3 and an att pre3 and it has occurred on both phones. any reason?
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    That's strange, in the 4 months that I've had my at&t Pre 3 it has only rebooted once but it was because I installed the patch that makes the photos render faster and all of my memory on my Pre 3 got used up. I removed the patch and have not had any issues since.
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    This happened to me a couple of times on a Verizon Pre3. Like yours, right when starting a call.
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    happens to me occasionally, isn't really linked to any patches, I tried with fresh doctored ROM :-(

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    Mine has done it twice in the 4 days ive had it, although i find it powered off, and it wont start unless I remove the battery. Also, although im 100% sure that the call was showing connecting before I put it to my ear, there is no record of the call being made after I reboot...

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