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    Hi guys, I'm experiencing problems with Skype calls and would like to know if this is common.
    Whenever I start a call, if I touch the back cover I hear noises in the earphones I use and I hear mono. On top of it, many times I hear the other person but I'm not heard, or if I'm heard, there is echo. This I can fix with a restart, but not the earphones problem. Of course, with my iphone the earphones work flawlessly and I have no problems whatsoever with Skype calls, so, it is not broken earphones.
    I really really love my pre 3, but I'd like to use Skype as I'm used to....thanks anyone for answers.

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    I use Skype on my Pre3 and did not notice any issues.
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    Thanks for your answer. I might need then to call the help desk, it might be a hardware issue on my pre....

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    Spoke with the assistance, tomorrow they will take my pre 3 for didn't pass the audio thest, so i hope, i will get it back working!

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