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    i was just searching around the web when got to the website of "Google Cloud Print". I thought to myself "wow! that`s some interesting crap" so i followed the instructions to set up my 10 year old HP Printer with google cloud print onto my Windows Server 2003 PC. Everything works well. I can print docs from my working place at my university. Fine. Then i thought again about "what about printing some docs from my Pre3". So i opened up the browser with the mobile version of and wrote a new doc. I pressed the print button at the website and voila: it was printed right out of my grand-old HP Laserjet 5000. "Yeah", i thought "thatīs brilliant". Sadly i was not able to print original Microsoft Office docs, only converted to "google docs".

    Butmy mind kept on working again and i came up with the question:

    When we are able to log into our google account right out of the box at our Pre3 (or another WebOS smartphone), why wouldn`t it be able to print from an application like E-mail towards our google account to the "google cloud print"?!

    Anyone interested for making this come true?!

    Thomas from germany
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    +1. I had asked same question earlier today on different thread.

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