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    using app tuckerbox, i have found a kobo app on the servers. it installs fine, however when attempting to use, it is unable to connect via data (3G and wifi). it is a mojo app made for the smaller screen, so i dont think its the same problem as the kindle enyo app not connecting in mojo
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    Kobo has stopped supporting webOS and the app has been slowly losing functions. There are other threads about this. Also, people have been posting reviews in the app cat about it no longer working.
    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $all$ $it$ $does$ $now$ $is$ $read$ $ebooks$ $that$ $were$ $installed$ $prior$ $to$ $Kobo$ $killing$ $it$. $I$ $don$'$t$ $know$ $of$ $a$ $way$ $to$ $side$ $load$ $books$ $to$ $it$ $but$ $there$ $may$ $be$.
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    ok, thanks. Just discovered the app through tuckerbox, and I'm a webOS newbie (pre3 is first webOS device) so I didn't know
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    It won't work at all on webOS 2 devices without a patch, but even then I think it's become completely broken. don't bother.
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    Its completely broken unfortunately. I tried to make an HD version for the Touchpad, and even with the 2.X.X patch it wont connect. Appears the webOS servers have been taken down on their end.

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