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    I have a Pre 3 and use it on Tele 2 in Sweden. After metadoctoring my phone to 2.2.4 my Carrier string appears as '240070' instead of 'Tele2'. This seems to be the MCC and MNC of Tele2 run together (see list at Mobile Network Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

    Should I worry about this? Does anyone know what might cause this? Is it perhaps something to do with my SIM? A manual network search in the phone app shows the correct name for the network and the phone seems to work. How can I check which bands my phone is using?
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    I don't think you have to worry. I use a pre 3 on tele2 myself and have had the same issue both in 2.2.0 and 2.2.4.

    Use the "HP Webos" carrier string patch if you like me is annoyed by seeing this.

    Edit: Maybe I shouldn't have been as quick to answer as I was. My phone is now showing the following message "SIM not allowed (3) For assistance, call your service provider". Weird... Will try and remove and re-insert the sim card and see if that works.
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