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    The light still comes on when in an app and flashes when you do gestures (as it should) but doesn't flash when I get a new message (either email or sms). I've uninstalled all email and messaging patches but still no joy. Any ideas?

    UPDATE: it is only the email application, the messaging app flashes up when I get a new message.

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    Anyone have any ideas before I have to doctor it?

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    I have noticed the same thing. You are not alone. Please post more info as you find it.
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    did you perform a OTA with installed advanced patches?
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    is it notification light, as in it won't blink, or because it won't light up in apps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    is it notification light, as in it won't blink, or because it won't light up in apps?
    The light works perfectly because it comes on when cards are brought to the fore (as normal) and it blinks on IMs and SMS messages, so the light itself is fine. It just doesn't blink for emails. Not sure if it was working since the 2.2.4 update (i only did the update a few days ago), although I hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary right after the update. I was going to doctor my Pre 3 but thought I'd check if anyone had had any similar problems doctoring is a bit of a hassle (well I think it is anyway).
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    I found that I could restore blinking notifications for email by installing Advanced Framework patch and the then Advanced Email patch. Thanks Sconix! You can then turn on blink notifications (and repeat audible if you wish).
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    As slimmo said, this can happen when you install Framework Patch, but haven't installed the e-mail or messaging patch to go along with it.
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