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    does anyone have any ideas what is going on?
    had pre 3 at&t for a month, updated to 2.2.4 2 wks ago without problem. was having trouble with bluetooth loosing connections so doctored. BT seemed fixed but now my messaging app main page is blank (see pic).
    doctored again and looked immediately after finishing to see if patch or something had messed it up and it is still blank. (the picture was taken before the last doctoring)
    i can send/receive msgs fine as new page opens for each thread, but main list of all threads and 'conversations' and 'buddies' buttons are missing.
    any ideas??

    update: even though it seems no one has ever experienced this problem, i found the cause and thought i would list it, for future reference.
    there was something saved in my palm profile that was causing this. i had to erase my online profile (from the 'backup' screen, turn this function off and it will offer to erase your online profile) and then doctor the phone- it worked properly after this.
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