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    I want to be able to run kalem player and watch 2-3 full length movies on my Pre3 during transatlantic flight lasting 7+h ...with my prior fone, I used lots of batteries for this but they were very easy to insert (motorola motosurf a3100)... the Pre3 back is funky to remove requiring a credit card and a little angst each time... Does anyone have a preference or spec recommendations for an external source (of which there are many and the prices are quite varied too)... I made a list of a few... ↓↓

    Energizer XP 18000
    NewTrent iCursier IMP1000 11000
    NewTrent IMP50D or IMP5000b
    ZERO-1: 12000 mAh Solar Battery Charger
    Gomadic 3400 & others

    advice will be appreciated...
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    I think Kalemsoft Media Player is not working on a Pre3 (yet)
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    I have the New Trent IMP50B but I haven't had a chance to use it in a charging situation yet.

    The unit is lovely though - all smooth and rounded just like it looks in the photos. Overall size is about the same volume and weight of the Pre3 (although shorter and fatter in shape).

    Comes with the right cables for attaching to the Pre, using the MicroUSB adaptor attached to the retractable USB-to-power cable. Nice soft travel pouch included in the box too!

    I've attached a picture of the unit charging my Pre3 (excuse the poor quality - had to use my old Centro). This is actually the first time I've connected it!

    You can make out the 4 charge LEDs - they show the level of the internal battery. It *should* charge the Pre over 3 times fully, however I'll have to post an update after I've actually used it 'in combat'!
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    Oh and to charge the New Trent, you take the MicroUSB adaptor off and plug that power plug in the side of the unit, with the USB end going into any USB socket (I use my Palm Pre wall plug).

    To echo Mazzinnia's post - I also didn't think Kalemsoft Media Player worked with the Pre3? I'm happy to be proven wrong though as I would love a decent media player!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    I think Kalemsoft Media Player is not working on a Pre3 (yet)
    not perfect but shows internal content in landscape fine 4me so far
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    I haven't had a reason to use myNew Trent yet, but I will post here when I do - plenty of weekends away coming soon!
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    the New Trent IMP70D charges my Pre3 & Touchpad simultaneously. Very cool. $43 @, FYI. - New Trent Arcadia Pack IMP70D 7000mAh External Battery Pack and Charger for iPad2, iPad, iPhone 4G, 3Gs 3G , iPod Touch 4G, Motorola Droid, HTC Android Phones, Blackberry, Kindle DX, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung EPIC, Nintendo, Sony PSP

    I, too, havent tried Kalem on my pre3 yet either. Maybe this weekend tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzinia View Post
    I think Kalemsoft Media Player is not working on a Pre3 (yet)
    ks player works fine for internal content with a little scrolling misery on file browsing and some landscape display misery but after that movies play like a champ incl mkv !!
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    Make sure whatever you choose outputs 1 amp so it charges fast. Some devices make it hard to tell and some don't say on the packaging.

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