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    This weekend, I opened my Verizon Pre 3 to take out the battery as an extra for a trip. Low and behold, there is a sim card slot, with a Verizon SIM card?! Sure enough, I looked on the box and marketing materials, and it spoke about it being a world phone.

    Has anyone tested theirs to see if they work? Are the phones unlocked?

    Just curious, as I am still planning on giving this phone away. Loving my ATT Pre3...
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    There have been a few threads on the topic - spotty results, mostly when overseas if I remember correctly. My main takeaway from the threads is that I'll take it with me if I travel internationally just to try it - but I'll take my AT&T Veer to use a local SIM too!

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    Think it only supports UMTS 900/2100, so it'll work on HSPA overseas only. In North America it'll only run on 2G GSM. Also it's locked to Vodafone SIMs.
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    If I remember correctly Codecrumb unlocked his by adapting the Dogbert1 scripts.

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