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    I was wondering if anybody knew how to (re)install quickoffice on an HP pre3.
    I installed the HD version thanks to preware and tuckerware, but I wanted to reinstall the original version, and I deleted the HD one without checking first if it was available in the catalog.

    Unfortunatly, I cannot find it. Anybody knows how to get the original Quickoffice application back?
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    com.quickoffice.webos is the id, try using impostah to install it.
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    The id does not seem to be recognized on impostah.
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    Not to go off topic, but how was the hd version working, on the pre3 ?
    And what is making it a not so good idea, since you decided that it was better to revert ?
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    I installed it after having read the following post:

    Even though it runs well, I found the screen of the pre3 was a bit too small to handle it properly, so I wanted to revert.
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    I see, thanks

    Did you check if adding the HD version added the option anywhere to setup a printer ?
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    The HD option contains a "print" button. I clicked on it to see what would happen, and the application seemed to start looking for printers. Since I don't have any available right now, I stopped it.
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    I'm currently stuck with the HD version reinstalling on reboot. I Installed it in hopes it would do something to help with the error when trying to add cloud accounts to the regular version. Now, even if I reboot, it reinstalls the HD version, which appears to be completely useless.

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