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    Dead Pre3 displays Battery Icon with ? inside it....

    - Doctored Pre3 yesterday due to losing 10% battery per hr (didn't help)
    - Muted phone (ringer switch), went into meeting. (Battery at 100%)
    - Came out of meeting (50mins), phone was dead and would not reboot.
    - When I place it on Touchstone or plug into PC I get a Battery icon with a Question Mark displayed inside which appears for about 15 seconds then disappears.
    - I have placed a 2nd fully charged HP battery into it.........same result.

    ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH...........Has anyone experienced this behaviour/Can offer a solution?
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    Could be the modem firmware is corrupted.

    Can you put the phone is Recovery Mode and redoctor it?
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    I'm downloading the doctor now and are planning to chat with HP, although I'm unable to get it into recovery mode.....
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    Just in case you haven't seen this page yet:
    How To Recover - WebOS Internals

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