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    iPhone battery is very good compared to both webOS and Android phones, with the exception of the latest iPhone 4S. Don't expect it to be the same.
    With 3G-WiFi on you won't get more than a day if you use it.
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    but the problem is too serious open cards, 3 cards of your web browser and mail and leave me.

    I have not been open more than 8 at a time, in the pre swear that if I could
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    Sorry, I didn't understand from your previous post.
    You mean you get the "Too many cards" warning ?
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    yes, it's a problem, the most I can have open are 8 or 9 cards if type calendar and mail. if I open 2 or 3 web pages while the ALARM jumps me right away.

    have opened a website and will not let me open a video with the YouTube application.

    Is this normal?

    I feel the language is the translation of google
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    Was -8 C / 17 F outside, went out the door with 90% battery. After 5 min I got a phone call that lasted 15 min, battery shut down warning came up.

    Could it have been the drain or is the thin battery lousy in the cold compared to the thicker Pre battery that I havent had any problems with in much colder weather?
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    I think excessively fast battery drain and phone heating up happens when signed in to Skype. I try to remember to sign out when I have no intention of skype chatting
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    hello, after the first working day of use I get the following results:

    - Disconnection at 7am
    - I just tried to touch him
    - I have received 7 emails and sent 4
    - 3G enabled
    - I made about 45 calls, answered about 20 and about 1 hour of conversation
    - I have not plugged in all day skipe
    - Not installed facebook

    at 6:30 pm is 9%

    total use 11 hours and 30 minutes

    that you think is normal or not?
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    No idea.. I don't talk nearly that much, but I think that with bad drain problem your battery should have died midway through the day. I suggest installing the battery monitor app and leaving it on for the night. In the morning you should have a pretty good idea about the idle drain.
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    I just installed the patch, I will see you acting and story.

    before installing bluetooth with 2g and drained 4-5% per hour
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    Quote Originally Posted by piti18 View Post
    I just installed the patch, I will see you acting and story.

    before installing bluetooth with 2g and drained 4-5% per hour
    My conclusion:

    webos should have any problems with the closing of applications. just released this morning the charger was draining from 1.5 to 3 per hour. as I have been using has risen gradually to 7-8 per hour. I stopped to rest but this is maintained between 5-7 per hour for the same configuration that this morning.

    On the other hand when you get to work with and in writing this right now is exorbitant spending.

    solution for me tenerloenchufado Car Charger and much of the time. at this time of day I have 30% battery.

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    I haven't had any battery issues until recently. It began about a week ago, went to work with 100% battery, checked my phone 30 minutes later to find the "phone will shut down soon" notification, and it was displaying 0% battery. I tried to restart it, but it still showed 0%. I did a battery pull for about 10 minutes, put the battery back in and it was still displaying 0%. I then plugged it into the charger and walked away. I came back 15 minutes later and saw it was charging and was at 10%. I came back and checked it after another 15 minutes and it was at 100%.

    This was very strange but the battery did last me the rest of the day without any problems so I thought it may have been a onetime thing. It has yet to happen again, but since this event my battery has been terrible and I cannot seem to figure out why.

    Every night I place my pre3 on my touchstone and pull it off every morning around 7am with 100% battery. I then go to either school or work and somehow the battery manages to drain to 10-15% by 4pm. I am a moderate user; I make a few calls each day, both emails are set to check once every hour, Facebook notifications are turned off, etc. I do check twitter once every hour or so, and web browse as necessary.

    The only thing which may be a factor to this problem is the bing-bong affect I get when charging on the touchstone. When my pre3 is charged to 100% on my touchstone it will begin making the bing-bong sounds, the sound which it makes when you place it on the touchstone, over and over again. This does not always occur, but it seems to have been reduced when the pre3 is placed horizontally on the touchstone.

    Does anyone have an idea?
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    I'm not an expert, but my pre 3 definitely doesn't make bing-bong sounds when it's charged. It might suggest you have a bad contact with the touchstone. How about using the cable to charge it for a few days and see if that helps?
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    The bing bong thing sounds like a hardware issue, I experienced it with my first Pre and Touchstone. Try putting a piece of card between the phone and touchstone whilst charging, that's the fix we used back in the day.
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    Charged with the cable last night, things have been MUCH better today. 13 hours and counting and I'm at 58%. I have had the same issue with my original pre, there was the solution of putting a piece of plastic in the touchstone contact on the back cover, which worked.

    I've tried using a small cloth to cover the touchstone which at first worked, but failed after a couple days.
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    If you had the same experience with another phone, your touchstone might be faulty...
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    I do believe it is, if i get some spare time i will take it apart and see if i can play around with it to make it better, and i do have another just incase :P

    But regardless, it looks like my pre3 is just having problems everywhere :S
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    Quote Originally Posted by CvvB View Post
    I had the same problem on my Pre 2. Solved only by using Full Erase. Apps and Data Erase didn't work, btw.

    I am not really sure what was the problem, but maybe some stuff that remains from webOS 2.1.0/2.2.0 is interfering maybe?
    I can confirm that a Full Erase works.

    My Pre3 updated to 2.2.4 was perfect for about 2 weeks. My battery used to last me well over a day. My problems started when I tried to sync my emails to "as items arrive". My battery began to drain at around 8-9% an hour, and this continued even when I tried reverting to my earlier setting of fetching emails every 1 hour. I was so frustrated that I even considered retiring my Pre3 and picking up a Lumia 710 instead.

    Yesterday I tried a full erase and the results have been soothing. Unplugged my phone at about 10 p.m. yesterday. Today at 11:00 am the battery is showing 75% remaining. I'm on 2G with 2 email addresses fetching emails every 1 hour.
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    "Erase apps and data" worked for me.
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