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    I am using unlocked ATT Pre3. I installed the skype got from other doctor package before it's available through the app catalog and it works fine. Now that the skype is available through the apps store and i am thinking to uninstall mine and install the skype from the apps store. However, i could not uninstall it. Anyone got an idea? Thanks a lot!

    or simply not necessary?

    Thanks a lot.
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    you have the Skype from the app catalogue. When a new version becomes available... you should be able to just update

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    Okay, here is what i did through "reverse engineering" which works fine so far:

    1. delete my skype acct in "accounts";

    2. in /usr/palm/public/accounts/, delete folder"";

    3. in /usr/palm/applications/, delete;

    4. restart the luna. the phone looks "clearn"

    then installed the Skype through apps store.

    So far, works fine. The difference is that i found "skype search 1.0.3" in software manager.


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