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    So after the 2.2.4 update, I'm starting to notice a significant amount more TMC errors appearing, so I tried checking what's running on my phone to see what's leaking memory. It's quite bad because sometimes I only have like 2 cards running and it's already throwing TMCs.

    Only to find out, the total memory I have on my Pre 3 is only 389244K... I did the same thing on my Veer, it had 411036K. My Pre Plus has a whopping 504560K!

    Now I don't quite understand what exactly is going on, but it seems to tell me my Veer has more memory than my Pre 3, and my Pre Plus has more memory...

    Is something wrong with my Pre 3, or am I understanding something wrong?
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    The reason (if I remember right, from reading it quite a while ago) is that the Qualcomm chipsets use up more of the overall RAM than the TI chipset in the Pre Plus does, leaving less available for the OS.
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    So they DID skimp out on something...

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