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    wanted to use the alarm and could not find a "clock" icon ...tried "just type" and icon is there alright can I UNHIDE that icon ...there's a patch to UNHIDE the developer mode icon ...can some genius make a similar patch please ...TIA !! ...I am a dunce and can't do it...
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    The icon for the alarm is in App Menu, the icon for the clock in System settings. When I type clock in just type the only icon shown is the one already there.
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    Pre3, 2.2.4WR ... There is a clock icon in the Applications launcher page. Tapping it opens the clock. Tapping anywhere on the clock page brings up a pair of icons at the bottom centre of the page. Tapping the little bell icon takes you to the alarm setup page.

    After you set up your alarm(s) you tap the little clock icon to return to the clock display and the pair of little icons disappears. Tapping the clock screen brings them back any time you want to set/change alarms.


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