anyone experience this or have a less cumbersome suggestion. added some mp3 ringtones from pre- to 'ringtone' folder on att unlocked pre 3 with 2.2.4. have sconix's advanced patches installed (only mention as affects the menus).
the added ringtones do not appear in the lists of available ringtones in sound settings, etc.
based on another thread, if you place the ringtone in media/internal, you can then find it in the 'extended selection' screen (the music note with + sign) at which point it is added to the 'ringtone' folder and can be deleted from media/internal.
while this works, to do this to dozens of ringtones would take some time.
any idea why they don't just show up when placed in the 'ringtone' folder? i did restart the phone after adding them to no effect.