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    I have been experimenting with my att pre 3. I find if I turn data off standby time jumps to like 130 hrs. With H+ running its lucky to go 8.
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    I used advanced prefs and a profile I call "Max Batt No Data" which turns off data and GPS when I need longer battery life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by V B A View Post
    In my experience it picks the stronger availible network, if 2g is stronger it picks 2 if 3g it picks 3g.
    Yeah, but I guess that differs per country. In my experience, it always took 2G on Auto and 3G on 3G here in The Netherlands.
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    Im having issues with mine. Just activated my Pre 3, 4 days ago. I get 7-9 hours with data (3g) turned off and all emails on manual. Anybody got some tips??? Its frustrating.

    One evening i even charged to 100%, left it in flightmode. It died after 7 hours. ***! Did a Webos Doctor today. No improvements.

    Plz anyone.????
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