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    So anyway my dad has a pre 2 and we both know the pre 3 is a huge step above the pre 2 but with all crap going down with HP and webOS namely open source and no new hardware coming out for at least a year. Is the pre 3 for Verizon worth getting? I want him to bet It because it's bigger and better but if webOS is just going to slowly die we don't want to lay down 350-400 for a dead phone. Well thanks for anyone's input
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    if you can get it for less than 200, use it mainly as a phone, texting and web browsing then i say go for it.
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    I do everything on my Pre 3 (well, everything that's possible on a smartphone that is) and I love it! Definetly recommend it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by independent1 View Post
    My opinion:
    would be the open source project several months from now, assuming they even release the 2.x source and not just the 3.x source.
    1 So they won't make anymore phones. Why wouldn't they release the source code for phones either then?
    2 Even IF they'd only release the 3.x-source, then what does it matter? All important stuff can still be backported to the phones and 3.x is not entirely different from 2.x, there are similatrities so we'd at least have some of the code then.
    Plus, even with no source code we'd still have kernels and patches. Yes, I know, but it at least keeps it alive and up and running.
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    1. HP have to put in significant effort checking for pre-existing licence restrictions for every part of the code base. Makes sense that they would only open one version. Having said that they have not stated that specifically.

    2. Yes I expect lots of Tablet developments will be ported to Phones and the Pre3 is probably the first in line.

    To the OP. The Pre3 is still a very good phone and I would recommend it. but it's a personal choice really. If it doesn't fulfil your needs now then don't bank on it improving. Remember these things will have some residual value and you can still sell it if you want to change later.
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    Im well happy with mine and i love the fact that hardly anyone has one.
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    This is the best phone I have ever used. I'm not talking best webOS its the "best phone". I've tweeked it , I have everything working to my liking. It is so perfect for me. I bought two and three batteries . I got mine for 230 . They seem to be getting more costly. The pre 2 is nothing in comparison as far as hardware. They got it right I'm this one. (but its all subjective .. For me its everything)
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    I learnt the support situation in the US for the Pre 3 is flaky at best, so I don't know about that, but the Pre 3 is a great phone and it will also still work great in a year. Since it became available it has been improved continually both by the hombrewers and even official updates.
    I'd say get it if you like webOS. It works great right now and it's a very good phone. Don't get it if you depend on apps that are only available on iOS or Android or if you want to have the latest & greatest handset every few months.
    So I wouldn't say it's a 'dead phone'. The open sourcing is not the worst decision they could have made (just killing it never to be heard of again would be). I don't think webOS is slowly dying - sure things went downhill basically from day one, but it's certainly not dead yet
    Anyway what features do you actually need? If you like webOS and the Pre 3 has the features then why not? It works great right now and will continue to do so
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    a phones only dead if it cant make or answer phone calls, it can still do this fine, being a discontinued bit of hardware or not.
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    Well, interestingly - I bought one, and I used it for a while. It's very nice, but I ended up putting it back on eBay and switched back to my Veer. I find I actually prefer the smaller size for portability, and I didn't like how the Pre 3 didn't really fit snugly on my Touchstone chargers. Just about every night, it'd shift a little and start chiming back and forth about 'charging phone'. It wasn't a big deal, really... but I ended up choosing the Veer in the final analysis.

    Remember, though, this is a completely personal interpretation and not intended to slight the Pre 3 at all... it was just my personal experience.
    -= Gihmley =-

    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...
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    I love mine. After the 2.2.4 update it mostly solved my issues, though some others still remain, but nothing serious so I can live with it.
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    Personally I like mine a lot, and think it's more friendly and intuitive compared to the android phones, plus the shape makes it something different from all the other phones on the market (guess i should say smartphones)...

    There are few things I can complain of :

    one would be the internal storage, since european models have only 8gb. I would surely have preferred having 16gb as default, to be able to experiment without the issue of having to keep an eye on free space left (on this note I wonder if in the future a batch of ssd circuit boards will appear..)

    another would be the lack of an internal sd card reader

    (and on a smaller note, the lack of an external battery charger.. but this is something surely felt more by people who owns more than a single battery)

    I do wonder if eventually we'll see some oem pouches, since I think it's impossible that they launched it (europe) - prepared to launch it (us) without having at least official cases made to be put on the market...
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    I love mine!
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    I really want one, as does my partner, but it's so damn expensive... After I got my TP and the internet was abuzz with £50 for an EU Pre3 I was salivating, but I never found one anywhere near that price £180 and up, which cannot be afforded.

    Great sadness... I'll just keep my HTC Touch Diamond then... Windows Mobile 6.1 fail :\
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    I love my Verizon Pre3. I don't know what the prices for VZW's are right now (if there are any out there for sale) but I find it a huge improvement over the Pre+.
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    I got a used verizon pre3 for 350, last I looked the few new buy it now where at 550.

    the only thing I don't love about it is the slight screen 'push' when open. My pre2 and pre- always had perfect sliders, I was fortunate.

    just think of when you moved to the pre2 from pre1 (if you did that is) how every aspect is better, its the same from 2 to 3, and the .4 patch for me has made my battery into an all day work horse rather than seeking a plug around 2pm in the workday.

    the larger screen and keyboard are just awesome.

    I have no issue with my touchstones and they charge consistently and fast.

    it comes down to if the cost is manageable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wedders View Post
    I really want one, as does my partner, but it's so damn expensive... After I got my TP and the internet was abuzz with £50 for an EU Pre3 I was salivating, but I never found one anywhere near that price £180 and up, which cannot be afforded.

    Great sadness... I'll just keep my HTC Touch Diamond then... Windows Mobile 6.1 fail :\
    I think in UK they were never released at that price ( I think carphone or another got all the stock, to give them out alongside a plan ), the only one who got the firesale were the germans (pretty sure of it) and I think also the french.

    I tried to get one from Germany using a friend who's there since months (he checked his local Media Markt - Saturn stores, but only when he had time.. so a bit of days after I asked), but was not lucky enough (instore prices being 89 euro).

    Eventually have been forced to resort to and got a brand new one for 160euro.

    I'm still looking for a tp... but doubt I'll be lucky enough
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    I've had my Pre 3 now for 3 months and it is the best webOS phone out IMO. I am very happy with the performance and the size is perfect, not too big and not too small. I love this phone so much that I purchased another one on ebay for a backup just in case something happens to my original one. Go for it, you will not regret it.
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    I bought a Pre3 from Ebay- it was unlocked but was At&T branded- after a call to the carrier I was up and running. It is the best phone I have ever used and everyone who sees it wants one! I was lucky- got it about 2 months ago for $185 - much better than an iPhone with contract. My only complaint is that most of the games aren't optimized for the larger screen yet- i am hoping that the game makers can put in the simple fix for stretching the screen. The only issue i have had is with GChat on messaging- it will connect with my accounts and i can receive chats but not send. I do EVERYTHING else on my phone- including a free tether (shhh!) from Preware that works incredibly well with my Touchpad!
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    there is a homebrew I believe that stretches 90% of the apps that run fine but have the little black bar at the bottom. Or at least there was a post about it, I will have to find it.

    the Verizon's pre3 being the rarest of the breed are very pricey compared to their gsm or att branded counterparts.

    its oddly also thinner than the pre2... The just a smidge thicker that the pre2 was over the pre, the pre3 is a smidge thinner than the 2 lol
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