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    Hello fellow pre3 users,

    I have a fairly expensive data-plan and I do not intend to use it. The phone keeps connecting to the Internet and raking-up charges. However, I have wi-fi at home and I do want the phone to be able to connect to the net using it.

    I looked around and couldn't find an option that allows me to disable the data access (the one related to the cell phone provider) while keeping the wi-fi option open. Of course, I want the voice connection to be ON all the time.

    Any suggestions? I am fairly new to Pre3, so step by step instructions or pointers would really be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Phone dialer
    Tap left upper corner
    Select Preferences & Accounts
    Scroll down
    Set Data Usage to OFF
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    Thanks GuyFromNam for the prompt response. I was almost tempted to take the SIM out and put in a cheap Nokia, till the problem was resolved. You saved the day.
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    I suggest look for 3G in preware and install the patch "GSM 3G GPS and Brightness in Device Menu". Perfect.

    Best Regards...
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    even better, in preware there is "data toggle", which i use on my launch bar instead of the contacts icon ...
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    Not sure if it works on the Pre3 but i use the Quick System Tasks app for quick data/wifi/gps/other toggles.

    I'm on a 150MB data plan, so i use this a lot when i'm trying to avoid charges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Phone dialer
    Tap left upper corner
    Select Preferences & Accounts
    Scroll down
    Set Data Usage to OFF
    OK - this is standard way to disable Data Usage.

    How can I prohibit that this switch is used to enable Data Usage again.
    I would like an app or patch to disable this switch.

    0. I have no data plan and I want a Wifi-only mobile phone.
    1. I want to give the phone to my kids and they should be disallowed to enable the Data Usage.
    2. I want to prohibit that the phone reenables the Data Usage automatically (This happened to me - while driving - and when I had the "/var full" issue on the Pre3.

    I need this solution for Pre Plus, Pre2 and Pre3
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    I have never come across a patch of that nature (then again I've never really looked)... Good luck though
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