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    pre3 unlocked ATT version 2.2.4 ...shouldn't they be available? ...I get the 4G (H+) when I use data OTA and the thing works fine... on my previous phone (Motorola Motosurf a3100 wimo6.1) sim services were present with same sim card...
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    my sim card is transferred over from my prior fone ...see above (or below) do I need a new sim card? ...shows H+ icon for 4G ATT...
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    USA sim cards don't have sim services. That is the sim application toolkit and it works fine with the proper foreign sim.
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    SIM Toolkit definitely works on my Bell SIM. But it's not like it's much use.
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    If I take my ATT sim card out of this Pre3 and put it back in my Motorola Motosurf a3100 sim services are there...
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    HAd to call to get mine working with H+
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    Quote Originally Posted by twstrickland View Post
    HAd to call to get mine working with H+
    what provider did you have to call for this? ATT/Sprint/Verizon/??

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