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    I would like to know this. When I got my pre3 ATT it came with an unlock code which I applied without trouble and it took a foreign sim card without complaint thereafter. However, since then, using my ATT USA sim card it has needed to be doctored a few times including the 2.2.4 update to get out of boot loop misery.

    Question is, "does doctor lock" or what? I will have some travel in the EU and want to be ready in case it got locked. I used the 2.2.4 doctor from the official Palm/HP site using my serial number and it said it was the ATT version.

    If it did lock it, when I put in the foreign sim card, will the same unlock code work again if it did lock?

    If not, then what? ...tia!
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    ...oh yes, while you are at it if someone wants to help with this, I wonder what is gonna happen when I am in the EU and the fone goes bonkers and I hafta doctor it (I have the doctor saved) ...will it restore from my palm account or am I gonna be stuck?
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    ...I have thought maybe I should log a library of ipk files to put on manually if this happens ...I suppose my google sync of calendar and contacts will be unaffected gmail will work mail too should I start the laborious process of this library old trusty Motorola Motosurf a3100 wiMO6.1 fone backed up handily to my desktop and/or to the 32gb sdhc card and when it went flaky I simply did a hard boot and then restored... whole thing back in business in <5min
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    It does not relock your device.
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    Everything will be restored that's saved in your webOS account.
    That's AppCat apps and synergy accounts.

    Homebrew and settings; Save & Restore
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    The way you ask questions, stinks by the way.
    Too fragmented, and you don't get to the point.
    That's why no one bothered yo answer.

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