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    Hi all and Merry Christmas,
    When in Exhibition/Photo mode I get four options regarding duration- 5 seconds, 4 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour.
    Is there a way to manually change that duration? I'd love to set it to 1 minute but I just can't.
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    if you use an exhibition-compatible app like sliderss you'll have lots of options for duration/transitions, etc.
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    Thanks Grappler. Will take a look at it right away.
    Cheers mate.
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    Double post. Sorry about that.
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    Check out Slide RSS for Slideshows from Media RSS feeds & Local Photos or Slide Master for Slideshows from only Local Photos.

    An update for Slide RSS with bugfixes and a new Pan & Zoom transition was just submitted and will be out in a couple of days, and a similar update for Slide Master should be out soon as well.

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