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    I have this annoying thing which my Pre3 does. Atleast 5 times in a day, the time jumps 5.5 hrs 5forward screwing up my calender. I need to go date and time switch off and switch on the network time, enable and disable aeroplane mode and then wait for the time to get back. Even if I di switch off the network time and set time manually...even then the time keeps jumping....any is driving me crazy
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    you could doctor or try clock sync app to set time automatically. Also check your country in settings
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    doesn't help! nobody is facing the same problem is it? Its very very strange .... I live in India..I don't know if that makes any difference
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    Deselect auto-timezone adjustment in the Date & Time application, set the correct timezone, then reselect auto.
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    tried it....will report if it works/not works within 24 hrs...
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    I don't know if this is related, but I'm visiting my in-laws this week. I used the local network to change my time from EST to CST and then PST. Now the appointments in my calendar have the wrong time (most or 3 hours earlier (PST instead of EST), but a couple are off by even more)).

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