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    Well i think it worked. It updated, brought me back into the phone. I havent unplugged anything yet. or messed with it, but the 2.2.4 update IS ON MY VERIZON PRE3...

    I will update as i find anything new.

    i had all the normal uberkernel/glass theme (still there) and stuff on my pre, battery monitor... a whole bunch of stuff...

    so TOMORROW and following tonight whenever i decide to mess with it and see whats going on (prob tomorrow) i will let everyone know whats up.

    But again, 2.2.4 is on my VERIZON pre3.. and it installed without a hitch. my post about being scared to install it, well, it FORCED ME to update it when i plugged it in..... and i walked in to check it, and the update was finishing the process. it rebooted, and then i was back on my pre background.

    yay? so far.. YAY
    Nokia 3210 > TRACPHONE? > SAMSUNG E330 > HTC DASH > LG VX8350 > PALM PRE+ > HP PRE3 VZW

    Yes, the HP PRE 3 is amazing, Yes its fast, Yes it was a dumb move for HP to cancel it, YES its worth the price, If you have been reading this so far, you should have one sitting on your computer desk next to you, smiling. Enjoying the best purchase ever.
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    Good for you Cyph

    I updated my VZW Pre3 a couple of days ago and had to doctor back to 2.2.3 to get it to complete. The first time it stayed on the boot screen for over an hour. I am guessing some of the patches I had on was the problem.

    I sure wish someone would figure out how to get Skype to work with the front camera. I am a little disappointed in the Skype right now, but the rest of the phone is good.

    I do miss the Battery Percent Indicator. There was an app/patch for this in 1.4.5 that I used on my Pre+. I think there was a patch for 2.2.3 but I never could get it to install.

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    Try the advanced Patches from sconix and then activate the percentage with Tweaks. That's how I did it

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