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    I have a question.

    I just ordered an unlocked, supposedly ATT, Pre 3 off Ebay.
    I couldn't help myself

    Anyway, I'm confused about the specs. all the boxes I've seen indicated a 4G on the box but all the specs as displayed under the description show a 3G network phone.

    Will all the Pre 3's work on the ATT 4G network?

    I can't wait til it's in my hot little hand hahaha!!!
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    the att pre3 is hspa+ and att brands that as 4g, so if you got and att branded pre3 it should say 4g on the box I believe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kledanhoj View Post
    Will all the Pre 3's work on the ATT 4G network?

    Yes it will do 4G on ATT's network. At most you may have to contact ATT to turn on 4G on your account if this is your first 4G phone through them.
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    Awesome! thank you!

    BTW, I may have one for sale soon as I bought one then found out I won an auction.
    Never saw that coming. Thought for sure someone was gonna swoop in and take it out from under me at the last seconds.

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