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    I've had a problem with an app that didn't uninstall properly.

    Picsel Smart Office kept giving me the Red Screen of Death after installation so I used the OPT+tap method on the icon to delete it. Unfortunately this seems to have left some remnants behind as I can't re-install the app & there are still some folders visible if I explore using Filez.

    This is not the real issue though! The main problem is that Preware now shows me as only having 3 'Installed packages'. Somehow the errant Picsel removal has messed up the file system that Preware reads.

    If I open the Software Manager app it still shows all my usual apps, however under the 'other' section it shows an empty icon with a version number of 1.8.4 that I cannot delete.

    Any ideas (beyond the obvious webOS Doctor option)?
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    Using internalz Pro, go to directory /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/ and look for any folders of smart office and delete them. Afterwards reboot, NOT a luna restart, the device and try to reinstall the app.
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    thanks for the assistance. Unfortunately after deleting 3 folders with smartoffice in the name, I still only get "Tap to launch" when I go to Picsel Smart Office in the App catalogue. Also, the 1.8.4 app is still visible under 'Other' in the Software Manager.

    Any app designers know where else an app installs itself, so I can remove all the info?

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